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We offer a wide range of Firearms Training from Basic Firearms to Home Defense.  We also offer training seminars such as Refuse to be a Victim and U.S. Law Shield - Know Your Rights as a Gun Owner.  Dynamic Tactics is also a NRA Membership Recruting Site.

Check Back Often For Upcoming Training.  If you have a group and you would all like to train together let us know.


PA ACT 235 (Coming Soon!)

Refuse to be a Victim: $35.00 per person 4 hours (kids 15 and under FREE) - College Bound Kids Special $25.00 per person

Outside the Home Defense: $190.00 per person (10 people maximum per class) 4 to 6 hours depending on class size

Inside the Home Defense: $190.00 per person (10 people maximum per class) 4 to 6 hours depending on class size

Basic Firearms Training: $50.00 per person (10 people minimum) 1 Day Class

Women Only Firearms Training: - 40.00 per person (10 people minimum - 20 max) 1 Day Class 4 to 6 hours depending on class size

One-on-One / Private Firearms Training: - $25.00 per hour / per person - Up to 4 hours of instruction

Concealed Carry Handgun Training: $100.00 per person. (10 people maximum per class) 1 Day Class


*Group course / class available - Contact us for more information and for group rates (

** Students are responsible for supplying the following:

             Firearm (Pistols Only) with holster

            500 rounds of ammo for the firearm you will be shooting

            Safety Glasses

            Dressing for the weather (Rain or Shine)

*** Dynamic Tactics can supply the ammo providing we are notified at least 7 days prior to the class - This will be an extra charge!